The Internet is incredible but it can also distract us… perhaps from the real lessons of life?

  • This thought-provoking notebook shares a line of Wisdom at the top of each page with hints, explanations or suggestions that explain why that Wisdom is important.
  • The messages are short and grounding. These are life’s Core values. These values help to form good character traits. 
  • The smartly designed attention-grabbing notebook, was originally written as a letter to Libbla’s 12 godchildren to encourage them in their lives’ ahead.
  • The topics cover  The  book is now in it’s 2nd edition.
  • It is being used by Heads & teachers in many schools for their speeches, Pastoral care, PSHE, assembly ideas, rewards and school prizes. Companies use it for interns and management training, positivity, team building and to encourage leadership qualities. It is also a perfect gift for all, it’s current owners ranging from ages 8 to 88! (Over 1500 copies sold!). The book has also motivated people suffering with mental health difficulties.

The Results of using Wisdom While You Work

  • Instilling these values in your life will improve your communication skills, thoughtfulness and self confidence.
  • It will create more understanding, respectful, kind, warm, loving, helpful, open, strong and sharing minds.
  • It encourages people to come out from behind those screens once in a while, speak nicely to one another re-connect in the physical world, help, learn see life in a new way.
  • Look people in the eye, smile & laugh with them.
  • Balance your world with wise words.

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Voiceover on video by Gina Mellotte gina@ginamellotte.com 

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