About the book

The attention-grabbing notebook, was originally written as a letter to my 12 godchildren to encourage them with strong values in their lives’ ahead. The letter got longer and longer and the idea of a book emerged. The topics include health, kindness, honesty, love, enthusiasm , motivation, communication. The messages are short and grounding with advice to help engage and guide young people to improve their interests and shape their characters as positive people.

For ages 10 and up – although all ages can benefit from values in this notebook! You either learn or confirm the values. The notebook is designed to be written in and kept as a guide for your life, with all your thoughts, ideas and sketches.

Available in a printed format the book is beautifully designed with lots of space to share feelings or drawings about the subjects on each page, or anything at all!  The paper quality can cope with a range of pencils and pens.

Heads and teachers use it in many schools for their speeches/assembly ideas or to structure their whole year of PSHE classes.

Instilling these values in our live’s improves communication, thoughtfulness, understanding and overall wellbeing.

Owning these values creates more caring, respectful, kind, warm, loving, helpful, open, strong and sharing minds.

We recognise that not everyone can afford our journals and from the start I have been committed to making the journal available, for free or heavily discounted, through charities and schools to get them into the hands of those children that need them most. The book is also available in a digital format to download for £5.99. You can then and print it yourself.

Feel happy every day - spread from book
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If you instil these core values within you, from that base you will form positive habits and good character traits that will then just come naturally to you.

Building on this self-confidence your life becomes more meaningful, you do more, get out more, engage more and therefore you will be happier. The result is it improves your Wellbeing.

This in turn motivates people suffering with mental health difficulties, using the encouraging messages to provoke inner thoughts and improve self-confidence and realisation.

Children with Wisdon While You Work author Libbla Kelly


I would advise parents to sit and chat through the book with the younger children, encouraging them to write their thoughts in it. Older children may use it as as their daily journal and let the words guide them in their writings or drawings. Understanding the words is the most important thing. I encourage young people to understand the 100 values and what they mean.

Only a few minutes a day can add a huge piece of advice that can transform a thought, make a positive difference and that is my aim and joy with the book.

To talk to Libbla email her on libbla@me.com