Kind Words

Since publishing Wisdom While You Work, I have been overwhelmed by the response I have received.

“Libbla, you have clearly written something important here”.
Sir Anthony Seldon, FRSA.

Libbla, Your very wonderful, lovely notebook came today.  Thanks so much. It is full of good, gentle nudges that will help people do better work and live better lives.
Barry Schwartz  – Best Selling AUTHOR of  “Practical Wisdom” and “Why We Work”

Wisdom While You Work is a great resource and I think there should be copies in every school. Every child should have this book.
Maxine Shaw. Head. St Paul’s Junior School.

I absolutely loved the conference (Independent Schools Show) and found it to be incredibly useful in lots of ways but was particularly thrilled with discovering your book. A perfect find. I had a formal observation of one of my lessons based around one of the pages in your book (Values, Integrity and Moral Courage) for our Year 8s and it was highlighted as an excellent reflection tool.
L Rooney – Solihull School.

 “Your book can contribute to the process of Character Education”.
Lord James O’Shaughnessy – Founder and Director, Floreat Education.

I was delighted to have been able to present each of my Year 13 with one of your books again this year and Year 11 your Wise Cards – they were very well received, as always.

The values you so creatively wrap into your notebook echo our own and, like your book and cards, we believe strongly in the relationship between positive thinking, self-reflection and the optimistic approach. Your observations, quotations and the presentation of them allow our pupils to continue on the journey they have started with us.
Natasha Dangerfield – Headmistress – Westonbirt School. 

” I am sure that the merits of the book and your energy and advocacy will combine to ensure that millions of children can get and use it. For me it was a really inspirational start to a day meeting you on the train!”
Sue Sharpe OBE, CEO – PNCS.

Dear Libbla, At school last week and a sweet but naughty girl stopped me and said that she was still using the book I gave her over a year ago. She got it out of her bag and it was your Wisdom While You Work! She said she loved it and I could see she had written lots of notes in it. I was very touched – I haven’t taught her in over a year.
M Sampson – Teach First, Camberwell, London

A great book to show you how to be the best at what you want to be.
Boris, aged 11.

It is so nice to have all that Wisdom explained to you.
Issy. Age 15.

Libbla, your book looks inspirational – no surprise that some GSA Heads have already decided to recommend it. We can certainly recommend Wisdom While You Work via our weekly newsletter to GSA members.
Vivienne Durham – Chief Executive – Girls School Association.

My husband and I run the girls boarding house at Fettes Prep School your book is a great present for my leavers. We will order again next year. It is such a great idea.
C Dawson. Fettes Junior School

I love using my WWYW revision cards. They are a great tool for helping me to remember everything and the quotes make me smile as well.
Tudor Hall LVI Pupil

This book is so helpful to my clients. I coach hopeful Oxbridge Students and they use it to take notes in – it is pure Inspiration and everyone needs that!
Jackie Haynes – Learning2Earning 

Libbla, I felt homesick last week and turned to your book for inspiration. It made me feel so much better. Thank you.
Susie S – Glenalmond, Scotland.

I think the book is great. Not least it’s eye catching. You’re drawn to it. I found myself turning each page, and wanting to read more, because the sayings/phrases/words are so inspirational. I found myself also thinking about my life and how I run it/ conduct myself.
GG – London

Long car journey up North for us today. Obvs we have packed our Wisdom While You Work.
Gunning family

As a teacher of Religious & Moral Education I can go to this helpful book to find a new topic to discuss with my class. Inspirational. Thanks.
Hilary Bridge, Head Teacher, Angus

I’ve just given out the notebook to a girl in my class for her effort last term and she was so pleased with it. All the girls in the class couldn’t get over how pretty it was, and one even said she really wanted one and that she was going to try her hardest in class to win the prize this term. Honestly, thank you so much – I really appreciate it, and so do they.
Annon Teach First. Surrey.

Wisdom While you work is a must for all of us really, but perfect for the stockings, god children etc, have given to some older friends who LOVE it and keep quoting it at me now….
Dorset Muddler

Teenagers rarely take advice from a parent so this book can help pass on sound advice to those you care about.  It’s often easy to forget the important things in life. This book reminds you daily of what a brilliant thing life is and how to spend it well.
Kirsty C – Mother and Personal Trainer

Great book and you don’t have to be young to use it , perfect for making those lists etc Brilliant presents for Christmas
Marsha ex actress and now exhausted Grandmother 

I would like to thank ‘Wisdom while you Work’ for keeping my moral compass in check (as I write my plans for world domination in an area of the retail sector!)

Wisdom While You Work is perfect for children or young adults from 8 upwards. It carries a strong message of sound advice which as a mother you can only ever hope to impart, but perhaps never can at the right time. It is all here,with blank spaces to fill in  encouraging individual thought and ideas upon how to apply the text .In the digital age of screens and instant answers it is reassuring to see something back to basics that poses questions.” Computers are useless, they can only give you answers”. Picasso.
SusieMother & Artist

I think that Libbla’s Wisdom While You Work provides daily inspiration and motivation to both young and old.  In our increasingly chaotic lives it is easy to forget what is important and this wonderful book helps to focus the mind and bring us back to the here and now.
Clare MH, West Sussex

No one else seems to have cleverly combined a useful day to day note book with life-guiding pointers. WWYW offers a fantastic combination of the two, while standing out from the crowd with its lovely character and charming lessons.
George, Stepson & Friend.

Thank you for the book, I really like the quotes and I think they will really help me in life.
William aged 12.

Wise words on how to live well, delivered with sensitivity and sometimes a little humour.
Kate, Mother & School Governor 

This is no ordinary notebook, its a wonderfully inspirational gift, I bought a few for Christmas presents but have already given them away  – will need to restock!
Sue Houstoun – Upholsterer

A wonderful gift for grandchildren as it is both fun and full of brilliant advice!
A grateful grandmother!

It provides a platform for keeping treasured quotes, dates and memories in a book that I actually want to pick up! I genuinely believe that everybody could benefit from WWYW, as who doesn’t need a life pointer from time to time or a little chunk of wisdom to keep you on track. The beautifully designed book (from cover to cover!) is fun, cool and exciting. Each page is unique in appearance, just like its content!
S. Graduate from London

I think anyone can benefit from this book. Young and old. Everyone needs a bit of thought provocation in their lives, if they don’t know they do, they soon will by reading this book!!
Gina Voiceover Artist

Fantastic reminder of the important points of life, love it and love the messages. My children love this book.
Emma Woods –  Busy Working Mum

Fantastic book, I’m giving it to all the teenagers I know. Thank you Libbla Kelly.
MO. Essex