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The Handbook for Character Education

Character Education is becoming part of everyday life in schools. We continue to read online and in the educational press about pastoral, social and moral care for pupils.There is more and more being written about how teachers could help their pupils develop good character traits as well as teaching them their academic work.

Earlier this year BBC Radio 4 devoted a hour a day for a week to good manners. In America, Character Education is becoming everyday school life and even described as vital. It is now really beginning to take root here in the United Kingdom. The UK government pledged £3.5 million in 2015 towards projects for Character Education. This year there are further grants available for schools and organisations who are helping pupils broaden learning experiences and boosting good character traits.

Character Education was brilliantly described to me by James O’Shaughnessy of Floreat Education . He sees it as ‘a process, a thorough and long-term attempt to develop virtue throughout school life. It is necessarily comprehensive and driven by teachers modelling good character.’

Indeed Wellington College hosts the Festival of Education (on 23/24 June 2016) where of course the brilliant Sir Anthony Seldon was the Headmaster and forefather of happiness education in this country.  There is even a worldwide conference happening in Dallas in July IPEN, the International Positive Education Network. It is all fabulous stuff.

There are many books published for teachers to train them in teaching character education. My question is what book can be given to the children? How can we engage them with something of their own?

There are some fun teen journals and some wonderfully creative colouring books but there is one notebook that is Flying the Flag for Character Education.It is already published, it is called  Wisdom While You Work: An Inspirational Notebook . It highlights many of the topics, and more, that are discussed within the positive development of children’s characters. It is a guide to enhance best character traits with everyday values and codes for life. It should be seen as the handbook to Character Education in the UK, helping parents and schools roll out these values. Already selling into schools and totalling over 1500 copies sold, this notebook from which the pupils can enjoy and learn is essential for all young people today.

For more information email the author Libbla Kelly  go online or call +44 (0) 7778 299149.

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Postcards/Revision cards are here!

Due to popular demand from schools and others I have had my Wisdom While You Work pages made into postcards.

The schools want to use them as revision cards so they are lined on the front and the back.A lot of research with my forum of young people resulted in these cards so I hope they will be really popular. I am just organising them to go on the website. All very exciting.

wwywcardsback wwywcardsfront

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Letter to Journalists

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I am hoping you could run a piece about the huge interest my book is creating with parents, teachers and the young. It is a positive and upbeat book about communication, understanding and core values. The book is a moral guide with help and suggestions for young people. It is a notebook they can use every day.

Wisdom While You Work started off as a letter to my godchildren and ended up as a book I have had to reprint already!

It was published in September and I have done all the marketing and distribution myself and have sold over 1000 copies! I attended gift fairs, school fairs and it is being sold via Amazon and Waterstones online also via my website

The thrilling part of the story is that schools are now buying it! This is a direct result of me attending the Schools fair in London in November. Teachers are using it as a notebook in PSHE classes, pastoral care, for assemblies, rewards and prize giving.

It has also been bought by rehab clinics, doctors, social-clubs and is perfect wherever young people need motivation, positivity and to understand more about core values.

In 2016 my plan is to market it to every school in the country, book clubs, youth clubs, anywhere young people are gathering. There are special discounts for schools and larger orders. I am also looking to team up with a charity.

Here, is a link to the website. You can see inside the book on a video on the “About the Book” page.

I really feel it is a piece of good news in this difficult time the world is having. I attach some more pieces about it for your information. Scroll down. I would be really pleased if you can let me know what you think? I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Libbla Kelly Author – Wisdom While You Work – Mobile 07778 299149

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Summary of 2015


2015 what a year! I turned 50, got engaged, got married and had my book published! Packed it in!

The best thing for me is that the book that I thought I would print 500 of and has taken off! Second print run of 2,000 and needing more soon!

Here are Leeds Uni students discussing the topics over a glass of well earned wine at the end of their exams. Two of them used the book to motivate them throughout and they used it for notes in their lectures too!

I have sold it into 10 schools so far and my only New Years Resolution is to SELL SELL SELL to HELP HELP HELP all young people with messages of Wisdom from Wisdom While You Work! I must practice what I preach..

If you want to be really good at something, focus your mind on it….. Again and again! Page 6!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE and thank you for supporting me in my venture. You have been really kind. Please continue to spread the word!


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Great Press!

I was thrilled to get a great write up in the Independent Schools Parent Magazine see the link..

The book continues to thrive at Gift fairs and in schools which is so promising.

Nearly 1000 books sold in 3 months, I literally couldn’t be more delighted!

Thanks to everyone who is supporting me –  Aim in 2016… lets conquer the world!



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Schools Show – A Huge Success!

Well, what a week last week was! My little book flying off the shelves at the Gift of Sight Fair for Order of St John – 85 sold and then something completely different the Independent Schools Show.

It was fabulous talking and sharing with Heads and teachers and child psychologists, seeing what age groups would benefit from my book. What I loved is that they took it seriously and viewed it as a real help for the young to be learning the messages in my book. I was overwhelmed at the positivity and warm reception I was given. I have orders, I have talks to give and school fairs to attend. Wisdom While You Work is truly born! Hurrah!  IMG_6484