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Bite the Bullet Libbla!

It actually happened – and so much faster than I thought! I have nearly sold out of my 1st edition which is so exciting!

I have bitten the bullet as after selling the first 500 books in less than 2 months I have ordered 2,000!

Crumbs alive that will get me out of bed in the morning!

It is being very successful in Schools and Universities being used in all sorts of ways.

Subjects for thoughts of the day in assembly, in PSHE or Social Education classes, as prizes and presents and in Drama classes acting out the Wise words – thanks for all the feedback everyone and do keep letting me know where you use the book!

I am simply delighted with the reaction to the book and thank you to my family and friends for all their help in marketing it. Don’t stop, remember there are 2,00o to go before the 3rd edition and the next book!

Be Wise

Libbla x

Sharing in the Uni library

Sharing Wisdom in the Uni library

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First Christmas Sale

With slight in-trepidation I packed up boxes for my first Christmas sale. This is the first time I had been out to sell my books to the public and I was amazed at the positive reaction. I thought I would sell 15 or 20 books. To my surprise and delight I sold over 40 books and came home totally elated! Not only that, it was for MacMillan Cancer Relief so felt even better! IMG_6028

Over 40 books sold!


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Mate’s rates and all that!

Well, my supportive friends – may I thank you for all your amazing orders, I have sold over 200 books and I have even had repeat orders for more! The reaction is overwhelming so thanks for that. I have now launched the site to the world and I will be marketing it to the best of my ability – so fingers crossed. The feedback has been very encouraging, especially from 3 teachers who want to use it as an idea tool for lessons of discussion and debate in moral subjects. That thrills me because the idea behind this book is to help the young of today in any way. So if anyone has any further ideas do let me know. More news soon….

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The Day the Books arrived!

Finally after two years of fun and hard work the great day arrived or should I say the great big lorry arrived – too big to fit down the lane! So there was only one thing to do – the nice lorry driver unloaded the boxes by hand from a pallet and I loaded up the car box by box and drove them home – all 3 journeys. However, it didn’t matter to me, I was just so over the moon they were here and I could touch and feel them! I was thrilled and overwhelmed but I had to wait 2 hours to scream and shout and celebrate with James, my husband –  and of course, drink champagne – the the lorry had arrived when I was totally on my own. I gave the lorry driver the first signed copy as he has 4 children and was so helpful! So here we are – all ready to sell! I better get on with it!lorrydelivery

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Hello world!

Welcome to the Wisdom While You Work blog which will keep you updated with news about when you can buy your copy (or maybe copies) of Wisdom While You Work. It’s the perfect Christmas gift for those difficult-to-buy-for young people in your life – entertaining, informative and useful- what more could you (or they) want?!