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“No, Sadly I am not a mother, but being a Nanny, an Aunt, a Godmother and a Step-mother, has lead to so much joy in my life. Twenty children to engage with in a really special way.
It is a privilege.”

Nanny, Aunt, Godmother & Stepmother…

Libbla Kelly (née Pigot) was born in Dublin in 1965. Later the Pigots moved to Somerset, England where her parents had originally met. Growing up, the family home was full of fun-loving people, young and old, a joyful hub of care and communication. After leaving school Libbla became a Nanny staying with one family for 5 years.

Her career after that was in management training, sales & marketing, personal training & studying Positive Psychology – plus 21 years working with an entrepreneur, at 50 her life culminated in her book.

Libbla sees it as a journal of motivation and communication, hoping to share her experiences, thoughts and energy with hints and essential messages of wisdom, that can, and do, make a difference to young people’s lives.

All through her life she always connected wonderfully with the young. and having no children herself, her journey was instead with 14 Godchildren, 4 nieces and nephews, 3 stepsons and those she had nannied for. She wrote the book for all of them, her Godmotherly guidance now selling into schools as a Wellbeing Tool in PSHE classes and aiding Pastoral Care.

Libbla is also a Positivity Coach to Midlife Women. You can read about her course, The Path to Positivity at libbla.com

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Libbla Kelly

Libbla you have clearly written something important here

— Sir Anthony Seldon, FRSA