About the book



  • This thought-provoking notebook shares a line of Wisdom at the top of each page and at the bottom hints, explanations or suggestions that explain why that Wisdom is important and how we can use it.
  • The smartly designed attention-grabbing notebook, was originally written as a letter to Libbla’s 12 godchildren to encourage them with strong values in their lives’ ahead. The letter got longer and longer and the idea of a book emerged.
  • The messages are short and grounding.
  • 100 pages of values for life.
  • Age 10 and up – You either learn or confirm the values in this notebook.
  • Core values. Help form good character traits. This makes life more meaningful, therefore we are happier.
  • The topics include: Well-being, health, kindness, honesty, love, enthusiasm , motivation, communication. 
  • Heads & teachers use it in many schools for their speeches/assembly ideas ,
  • Pastoral care, PSHE, Rewards and school prizes. Pupils love them.
  • It is also a perfect gift for all, its current owners ranging from ages 8 to 88!
  • The book has also motivated people suffering with mental health difficulties, using the encouraging messages to provoke inner thoughts and improve self-confidence and realisation.


  • Instilling these values in our live’s will improve communication, thoughtfulness, understanding and overall Well-Being.
  • Owning these values creates more caring, respectful, kind, warm, loving, helpful, open, strong and sharing minds.
  • It encourages people to come out from behind those screens once in a while, speak nicely to one another re-connect in the physical world, help others, learn more and see life in a new way. Look people in the eye, smile & laugh with them. What could be better.

To download a guide to using the Wisdom While You Work book and note cards click here 

Voiceover on video by Gina Mellotte gina@ginamellotte.com