Wisdom While You Work Journal


Wisdom While You Work Notebook


  • This thought-provoking notebook, each page sharing lines of Wisdom at the top and lines of Wisdom by Libbla Kelly that actually explain why that Wisdom is important.
  • The messages are short and grounding. Core values.
  • They are suggestions to make us think about forming our good character traits.
  • The ethos is to encourage work, hence the title.
  • The topics cover essential values, happiness, positivity, good character, mindfulness, personal, social, health, citizenship. Virtues.
  • The smartly designed attention-grabbing notebook, now in it’s 2nd edition, is being used by Heads & teachers in many schools for their speeches, PSHE, assembly ideas, rewards and school prizes.Companies use it for interns and management training, positivity and team building and leadership qualities.
  • It is also a perfect gift for all, it’s owners ranging from ages 8 to 88! (over 1500 copies sold!)
  • SCHOOLS DISCOUNTS Only £9.00 per book (+ p&p) and further DISCOUNTS are available for orders over 15 books. Postal charges vary depending on size of order. Please contact me for discount code.

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Weight 275 g
Dimensions 23 × 18 × 1 cm


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